Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our First Renovation!!

The hubby and I have lived in our house for 2 years and 3 months now and because of lack of funds and lack of interest on hubby's part we have not done any kind of renovations except for some painting (which I did myself). On Thursday afternoon after dragging C to Rona so I could get samples for my school projects, he got a spark of interest and when we got home he started to plan what he wanted to do with the house. C has never done any kind of large scale handyman work just the little fixer-upper things so I was a little worried but I have been waiting and waiting to renovate the house so I am going along with it.

My little man was ready to work with all his tools as soon as he heard daddy was going to tear out the bathroom.

C decided to start in the basement for practise (you will see later why this was a GOOD idea!). We have a little powder room down there that I have not touched since we moved in (I know that's gross) but it is absolutely disgusting in there. The people we bought the house from rented it and the area we live in has a lot of student renters because it is by the college so the house was not very well taken care of.

To list some of the things wrong with the room; water damage behind the toilet mold behind the baseboards and bottom of the drywall, an old disgusting sink and faucet, holes everywhere in the walls, cabinetry that is dirty and water damaged, and the floor don't even get me started on that I didn't even want to step on it (even with shoes!!). The only thing that is staying in the room is the toilet, it is not in bad condition and is defiantly newer it just needs some CLR.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves..

Rotted wall from water damage

Here is C starting to take the things off the walls

This is a news paper we found in the wall holding the plaster in place for the toilet paper holder

The paper is from Sept 23, 1972 I am going to take a guess and say that is when the house was built.
I don't think anything  in this house has been upgraded since it was built, everything is original
including the windows which are in need of replacing badly.

C has now started to tear up the flooring.

 And then this... FLOOD!! This is why I said I am glade we started in the basement. Yes, C flooded the bathroom and
the hall way into the bathroom. I don't know why but for some reason he did not shut off the water before removing the
faucet and the pipes are so old there is no shut off valves on the pipe. I was not home and I walked in the house at the right time... Hearing him yelling, thank goodness my younger sis Nikki was there trying to help him, I ran to turn off the water then I got stuff to soak it up. My older sis Britt was with me and she has gone through this situation twice now with my dad renovating her bathrooms so she new exactly what to do. So off Britt and I ran to Home Depot to get two ball valves. Everything dried pretty quickly and C learned a lesson and continued to work.

We had to tear out the bottom sheet of drywall because of mold. This is what the bathroom looks like now.

So our first renovation under way....I must say it was interesting but a good learning experience especially for C. Even with the minor flooding incident I am very proud of him he has done a great job! Now it is going to be a very slow process at fixing it up nice because of money. I am hoping that after the wedding 3 more weeks!! and when I graduate in 6 weeks!! we will be able to start accumulating items to put in there.

After the bathroom we hope to fix up the basement and move our way up to the kitchen then the main bath which is a wonderful colour of pale pink and green tiles (with a hint of sarcasm). Hopefully you will enjoy following us on our first renovation project even though it will be a long and slow process.

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