Friday, March 11, 2011

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Today has been a very long day...Well I guess yesterday since it is 12:04am. Yesterday I spent the whole day working on projects and that is why I am up so late... So I thought I would quickly share with you one of the group projects I just completed.

The group project was to design a window display for a store that our teacher choose for us. The materials used in the window display had to include at least one from every category of reuse, recycle, refinish, re-purpose, refurbish and repair. My group got a bed and bathroom store, we named it Re-Luxe. There were 5 groups all together and we had another teacher come and judge the displays and pick the best one... My team won 2nd place!!

I refinished and repaired an old table I had and refinished a mirror I got from my mom as part of my contribution and I also refurbished our old faucet from the powder room renovation, I just cleaned it up with some clr. 

Here is a picture of my groups display.

You can see the table and mirror I refinished

Little Details
Here are the other groups displays.

This is the first place winners they had a kitchen store

Love the little details they put into the display
This is the 3rd place winners they had a hardware store. The chair has nuts and bolts
glued all over it and then spray painted.
This group had an accessory store.
This one is a lighting store.
I really enjoyed this project and it was cool to see the great ideas everyone came up with.

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