Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Run Down!

It has been awhile since my last post! Last week was CRAZY! It was my study week off from school so you would think that it would be a nice relaxing holiday but NO! it was far from that.
On last Monday my little guy got sick and was down for almost the whole week and he wanted me by his side every moment. This meant I got no homework done so I was going to try and jam it all in this past weekend before I started class on Monday did that happen no... Instead I got sick and it is only starting to go away now.  So needles to say I have been trying to catch up on a lot of homework this week and this is why I haven't been able to blog. I am just going to do a quick post today and tomorrow I will be back to share with you some of the projects I have been working on for class.

I have to share this picture with you...

I was flipping through some flyers I got in the mail yesterday and I came across this picture of this gorgeous Victorian style house. I absolutely love it, it is my dream home. I'm not really a big fan of Victorian style it is very cluttered and there is a lot of "thingies" but this house is very uncluttered and has a warm appearance and I love the large wrap-around porch, I want one on the next house that I buy. Enjoy!

Victorian Style House
Source: Home Magazine

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