Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Today I got to have a sneak peek at my wedding photos from my photographer. They are so beautiful I can't wait to see the rest of them! If you want a sneak peek as well head on over to Selina Whittaker Photography Blog to see them! She is very talented and takes amazing photos!

The wedding was just over a month ago now and time has gone by so fast, next week we leave on our honeymoon and we can't wait!

In one of the pictures my two sisters (Britt and Nikki) are crying, that was pretty much the whole ceremony along with me and a few other people, it was filled with tears! (happy ones of course). I had so many tears in my eyes I could barley read my vows. C and I decided that we wanted to write our own vows, which was kinda hard for me because I find it hard to express my feelings on paper while making it sound good and flow altogether. But after a lot of searching online, reading vows and jotting down verses I liked, I finally came up with something that reflected C and I by combining different things together.

My vows to C:

I Amanda, choose you C as my best friend, my love for life and husband. I promise to love you in every season that passes by us, in the heat of the summer sun, in the chill of the fall, in the cold of the winter and the budding flowers of spring. I give you myself and take you as mine. I promise my fullest devotion, through the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you, lend strength for all of your dreams, and be a good parent to our children. You are the light that leads me, I appreciate everything you do for our family and all you have given us, the best gift of all, our beautiful son J and for that I will always love you.  I promise to be here forever and always. From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home. As I have given you my hand to hold, I give you my life to keep.

C's vows to me:

When I look at you I see my world. I have given you my love, friendship, heart a sole now I vow to prove this is eternal love and I'm here to commit myself to you my queen for the rest of my life. I would die for you because....I live for you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fantastic Weekend!

It was a fantastic weekend of family, eating and relaxing. Hubby, J and I went to the cottage Friday afternoon and it was nice out so we spent a lot of the day outside playing.

Yes, that is C playing with the machines and not J! That is usually how it goes.

He doesn't have a black lip here, something is wrong with my lens on the camera it is inside...
In other words it is time for a new camera!!

Friday night I realized that I didn't bring J an Easter basket so my grandma and I improvised and she pulled out a basket with her potatoes in it and we came up with an idea to paper mache tissue paper to it and turn it into a basket for him. We used what we could find (which wasn't very much)... It isn't the best looking and doesn't quite match but it did its job!

Added some cotton batting to the inside and the handle.

J colouring some egg pictures for the basket.

Front of the basket

Back of the basket
After we made the basket we coloured some eggs J really enjoyed it... He cracked a few of them though.

Sunday morning he woke up bright and early to find his Easter eggs and chocolate...He was so excited to find chocolate and after awhile he really got the hang of looking for them (he even looked for them in spots I didn't think of hiding them) smart boy!

Now after 3 Easter dinners and presents from everyone I have more chocolate then I know what to do with! J is going to be on a permanent sugar rush. I will have to try and get Britt to take some or freeze it and try not to eat it all myself.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Great colours

To finish off my school year I have to complete a 60 hour work placement and I have completed 24 hours of it working at Heer's Decorating. It has been great working there, I get to help lots of people pick their paint colours. A lot of customers bring in their materials for their homes and want help picking colours, it is giving me the experince I need not just with picking colours but interacting with customers.

Heer's Decorating carries Benjamin Moore paints and I love the colours! Here is some great colour combinations...

I love this deep blue with the white wainscoting.

This ceiling is so cool! I love the detail put into it. The room is so tall bringing the ceiling colour down onto
the wall helps it to appear lower.

The detail on the stairs is such a great touch to this room.
A few of my favourite colours from Benjamin Moore right now are Silver fox, Nimbus Gray and Muskoka Dusk.

Do you have a favourite Benjamin Moore colour?
Images: Benjamin Moore pamphlets

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend...Chris', Jax and I packed up and left home today to visit my grandparents at the cottage in Oliphant for a relaxing weekend. We will also be stopping off for some Easter dinner at Chris' aunts in Owen Sound and then on our way home we will be stopping at my dads for yet another Easter dinner.  I will be stuffed by the end of it... The nice thing about it is I don't have to make dinner once this weekend!

Image: Google images

Monday, April 18, 2011


I wanted to start by showing you the first stage of my capstone project and then move on to how it progressed. First the teachers gave us the foot print of a house and then we were told that we have to pick a real family and interview them as a "client" and design the entire house including the exterior around this family, as if they were a really client.

The family I choose was Chris' aunt and uncle they have 4 family members, the husband and wife and two children a boy and girl. We  had to make up that one of the family members had a disability of some sort and  incorporate universal design. The family also had to have a pet so my family had a small dog.

This is the blue print of the house.

It is a very large house at 3440sq. ft. (a dream home!!) The next step after the interview was to add all of the interior walls and come up with a floor plan that the client was looking for in function and style. We also had to add a garage and place all the doors and windows according to building codes.

This is what I came up with....

The last step I will show you tonight is the floor plan with the mill work, fixtures, and furniture in place then you will have to wait to see the rest.

All of the floor plans were created in Auto CAD which I am so glad we learned, most of the interior decorating programs don't get to learn it. We also got the chance to learn google sketch up which I will show you some of my drawings you will just have to wait!

I will be back with more!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honeymoon Getaway... Jamaica Bound!!

Today hubby and I booked our honeymoon, on May 7 we are off to Jamaica, Lady Hamilton grand palladium and I can't wait! hubby and I decided that we would wait until I was done school to take our honeymoon so I wouldn't miss school and now that I am done we have set the day! I am a little nervous though it will be mine and hubbys first time leaving Canada and first time on a plan so it should be interesting...I will have to take some gravel and  Hopefully we don't get lost in the airport. : )

Here are some pictures of where we are staying. It is so beautiful!!!

Have you ever been to Jamaica? Any suggestions for first time airplane rides?
Image sources; Google Images

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It has been awhile since my last post but I am still here and final free of homework!! I completed my capstone for school and presented it to my teachers today and I am now done my classes, I just have a 60 hour workplacement to complete and then I am officially done school... Hurray!! Now I can start doing more posts, I have lots of projects to share with you and of course my capstone which I have been working on since January. I am so happy to finally be done, the past two years have gone by very fast and I can't believe I am finally done!! It has been a lot of work and long hours trying to complete project but it was all worth it, I have learned alot and have met some great friends along the way. It is sad knowing I am not going to see my friends everyday anymore but hopefully we can all keep intouch. Now to find a job! Scary!

Well I'm off to bed I only got 3 hours of sleep last night trying to finish my capstone. I will be back to share my projects with you soon!