Monday, April 18, 2011


I wanted to start by showing you the first stage of my capstone project and then move on to how it progressed. First the teachers gave us the foot print of a house and then we were told that we have to pick a real family and interview them as a "client" and design the entire house including the exterior around this family, as if they were a really client.

The family I choose was Chris' aunt and uncle they have 4 family members, the husband and wife and two children a boy and girl. We  had to make up that one of the family members had a disability of some sort and  incorporate universal design. The family also had to have a pet so my family had a small dog.

This is the blue print of the house.

It is a very large house at 3440sq. ft. (a dream home!!) The next step after the interview was to add all of the interior walls and come up with a floor plan that the client was looking for in function and style. We also had to add a garage and place all the doors and windows according to building codes.

This is what I came up with....

The last step I will show you tonight is the floor plan with the mill work, fixtures, and furniture in place then you will have to wait to see the rest.

All of the floor plans were created in Auto CAD which I am so glad we learned, most of the interior decorating programs don't get to learn it. We also got the chance to learn google sketch up which I will show you some of my drawings you will just have to wait!

I will be back with more!

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