Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fantastic Weekend!

It was a fantastic weekend of family, eating and relaxing. Hubby, J and I went to the cottage Friday afternoon and it was nice out so we spent a lot of the day outside playing.

Yes, that is C playing with the machines and not J! That is usually how it goes.

He doesn't have a black lip here, something is wrong with my lens on the camera it is inside...
In other words it is time for a new camera!!

Friday night I realized that I didn't bring J an Easter basket so my grandma and I improvised and she pulled out a basket with her potatoes in it and we came up with an idea to paper mache tissue paper to it and turn it into a basket for him. We used what we could find (which wasn't very much)... It isn't the best looking and doesn't quite match but it did its job!

Added some cotton batting to the inside and the handle.

J colouring some egg pictures for the basket.

Front of the basket

Back of the basket
After we made the basket we coloured some eggs J really enjoyed it... He cracked a few of them though.

Sunday morning he woke up bright and early to find his Easter eggs and chocolate...He was so excited to find chocolate and after awhile he really got the hang of looking for them (he even looked for them in spots I didn't think of hiding them) smart boy!

Now after 3 Easter dinners and presents from everyone I have more chocolate then I know what to do with! J is going to be on a permanent sugar rush. I will have to try and get Britt to take some or freeze it and try not to eat it all myself.

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