Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3rd Birthday

My little guys 3rd birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I think it is time to start planning. For his last two birthday's I have done large parties with friends and family up to 30-35 people but this year I think I will just have a small one maybe around 15 people.

For J's first birthday I did the "1st Birthday" theme and for his second birthday I did Toy Story theme because he was so into it. At both parties my sisters and I made tones of food and decorated everything I even rented large jumpy things for the kids to play in. This year I think I will pass on all of that and just do something relaxing and laid back and enjoy myself (O did I mention it is my birthday too!! yes, we share the same birthday!!)

Here are some pictures from his past two parties...

I had the cup cakes and cake made by a cousin, they were delicious!

My sisters and I bought all the fruit and veggies from the farmers market.
We put all the dishes together and made the fruit bouquet.
Happy 1st Birthday!!

This is the jumpy thing I got for the kids, they spent the whole day in it. J was still a little to small so he didn't like it very much but for his second birthday I couldn't get him out of it! I got a bigger one for his second birthday it included a slide, climbing wall, jumping area and a basket ball net. It was well worth it, they loved it!!

O yes and this is my cake!!
Designed by Britt
 For J's second birthday Britt and I decided we would make our own cupcakes and I think they turned out great!! They looked good and they tasted great!

Once again we went to the farmers market to get all the fruit and veggies.

Although his birthday parties were fun and everyone loved them I don't really want to do it again... This year anyway. I think I am going to wait to have a big birthday for him again until he is in school and can invite friends to come.

For his birthday this year I am thinking superhero theme...He loves spiderman and iron man.....So let the planning begin.


Kerry said...

Cute, cute, cute! :) Have you ever checked out the website "One Charming Party"? They have a ton of cute ideas, DIYs and even printables... and I'm pretty sure they recently did a super hero / comic book party over there! :)

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thanks so much for the tip I will check it out!