Wednesday, May 18, 2011


While working at Heer's Decorating, I got to help a lot of people select colours and a few of the people I helped were picking colours for their child's bedroom. All of this really got me thinking about my little guy's room and what I could do with it. I have never painted his room it is still the same colour as it was when we moved in which was OK because it is a neutral beige colour.

Two of the biggest reasons I never painted his room was because he was 5 months old when we moved to our house and I didn't want to be painting well he was going to be sleeping in it and I didn't plan on staying in this house for to long (still don't). But after helping people with their children's rooms the ideas started flowing.

I have always wanted to paint his room with stripes, I have always liked the chair rail with stripes on the bottom half and a solid colour on the top (much better them a boarder) so that was what I was leaning towards but after looking through tones of images of kids rooms I started to really like the one full accent wall of stripes. It seems to be in right now and I think that it is something he can grow with a little longer then the other idea, so this is what I was set on doing and right before I left for Jamaica I had a friend from school come over and we did some taping and painting.

Here are some of my inspiration photos...
This is my first idea of what I wanted to do.
Then I found this photo. I think the colours go so well together and I love the
shelf at the top it blend in nicely and it is great  to have for the kid on the top bunk.
The nursery from Sarah 101
So that was what inspired me to go with the one wall of stripes.
Here is some pictures of my little guy's room before and after....
Taping the walls was probably the longest part of this project but luckily I found a laser level one day when I was shopping at Dollarama and I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it with out it. (Yes, Dollarama and it works!!)

The colours I picked for his room are of course Benjamin Moore colours, my favorite blue right now Nimbus Gray and the other colours were Misted Green and Flurry. I left a stripe of the already beige colour on the walls to tie it together with the other three walls in that colour.

After photo
 I'm still working on the furniture in his room, found a few items on Kijiji that have potential so when I am done I will show the final project. I am also going to add in the library wall using the photo ledges from Ikea. I have seen a few photos of inspiration using the idea and I think it is absolutely great!

Here are a few more inspiring baby/kids room photos that I LOVE...

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Photo 13- Housewears blog.


Britt said...

I loooooooove it! I want to do those big letters painted on the wall (in the 4th picture from the bottom) in my office...

Amanda Cromwell said...

Britt- I know that wall is so cool!! I think it would look good in your office but good luck doing it, it would be hard.