Monday, May 16, 2011

Honeymoon in Jamaica

Hi everyone, I`m back from my honeymoon in Jamaica and I must say I have really been missing out! It was amazing there, we had the best time! As I have told you before this trip was a first for Chris and I, we have never left Canada before and have never been on an airplane (mostly because I was very scared to fly) but now that the unknown is known I would do it again!

Jamaica is so beautiful, the people are great they are the friendliest people I have ever met! The resort was wonderful, the food was awesome and there was lots of thing to do. We mostly sat on the beach and ate food (we ate so much, 3 full meals a day plates piled high with food.. Yum!!) We also went on a few excursions one to a famous bar called Rick`s Cafe with a wonderful view of the sunset and cliff jumping into the ocean ( I am scared of heights so I did not jump. Chris was going to but got a sun burn so could not jump). Along with that excursion we did some shopping in the local towns. The other excursion we did was horseback riding in the mountains and ocean, it was an amazing new experience to ride a horse in the ocean. I have gone horseback riding before but it was along long time ago and I have been bugging Chris to go for years so he finally agreed (he really enjoyed it too).

So enough talk enjoy some of the pictures... There is a lot..


Our Villa
Inside our villa

The view from our room

Around the Resort

Rick`s Cafe

Rick`s Cafe

View from our room

Sunset Beach
The Beach

Horseback Riding

Small village in the mountains

Food!! Yum Yum!
Jambalaya Snapper

The Famous Jerk Chicken

 Crab and swiss cheese on bread

Garlic Shrimp, mashed potatoes and Veggies

Fettuccine with clam and shrimp

Fettuccine Alfredo
Cheese Ravioli with shrimp and white wine sauce
A new Friend...our last day...goodbye for now Jamaica!
It was a great trip but I am glad to be home I missed Jax very much, It is our first time leaving him for more then a night. He spent the week with Nana and she managed to keep him very busy so he didn`t remember we were gone. We got the biggest hugs when we went to pick him up.

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