Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Ideas

Happy Friday!!

It is going to be a great weekend, mine and the little guys birthday is tomorrow!! I have everything planed and bought for his party (except his present). I am going to go with the superhero theme with a lot of spiderman and batman. Like I said before, I am only going to do a small family party so I'm trying not to go all crazy, so far his birthday has cost me less then half of what it did to throw his large parties. Tonight I will be baking his cupcakes and organizing all of the food and then tomorrow it is off to the in-laws to decorate and prepare everything. We always have his birthday at hubby's parents because our house is way too small to fit even 10 people.
O remember when I said I wasn't going to get a jumpy thing for him this year, well I still didn't but, hubby's parents bought him one of the small 8x8 jumpy things from Toys-R-Us so he can use it all the time! (talk about spoiled).
Here are some photo's of inspiration for his party...

I will update you next week with pictures from his party....Have a good weekend!!

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