Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fingers Crossed!!

It has been a crazy busy week and it came out of nowhere! Friday last week I got a letter in my mail box from someone in my condo complex looking to purchase another townhouse in the complex. No one is selling right now because of the condo corp. debt and condo fees are super high ( we pay $350 per month) and they are still on the rise about $30 per year. Chris and I didn't plan on selling yet we thought maybe a couple more years to give us a chance to save, but now that this opportunity has come along we are taking it!! We want to try and get out of this money pit townhouse. So this leads me to my busy week...I spent it trying to get my house in the best possible condition I could in three days. Which involved a lot of cleaning, de-cluttering, vacuuming, dusting and not to mention painting de-weeding and organizing. Most of the work that needed to be done was in the basement painting and going through old thing to store or throw out. Britt and I spent all Tuesday painting the basement (it was very hot out I believe it was 40c with the humidex). So after all that the guy came to look at the house last night and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will put an offer in.

Yes, Chris has still not finished our first renovation of the downstairs bathroom but we did tell the guy we would finish it.

I will post some of the before and after pictures of the work done to the house over the past few days as well as a little something I got from someone on Kijiji for Jax's room.

O and mine and Jax's birthday was awesome, he had so much fun!! (especially in his new jumpy thing!!) I will post some pictures of the party and the superhero themed cupcakes Britt and I made.

For now here is a picture of the house I hope to buy next! (joking I could never afford it, but I can dream)



Kerry said...

Fingers are crossed over here too for you guys Amanda! How exciting!

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thanks!! we are so excited hopefully everything works out.