Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking Back

I was going through some of my school work to make a portfolio and thought I would share with you a couple of my projects. The first on is of a random kitchen perspective we had to draw and render for an in-class assignment.

The next one is a project were we had a pretend client and we had to re-design their ensuite bathroom. The client was a middle aged couple that liked classic traditional style and they wanted a better layout for their bathroom and more storage space. This bathroom is an actual bathroom, my teacher gave us one of her projects that she was working on so it was more of a real scenario.

The first picture is of the floor plan of the existing bathroom.

The second picture is of the floor plan the way I re-designed it. We were allowed to take out windows add new windows and take down walls the only thing we couldn't change was the exterior walls. I added a lot of storage options as well as a large vanity, previously they only had two pedestal sinks (as you can see above). I also changed the locations of the shower, toilet, bidet and some of the windows. I added in a large bay window and had a custom bench built in-front with large shelving units on either end.

We had to draw one drawing of an elevation wall that had mill work so I choose the wall with the vanity. Because the client liked traditional style I did a head band panel around the bathroom with a lot of detailing, all of the cabinetry is custom made and is also very detailed.

The next picture is of my presentation board and you can see all of the fixtures and accessories that are for the space and examples of the custom mill work. In the center of the bathroom I choose to put a very large traditional chandelier which helped the bathroom to feel glamorous and elegant. The cream paint chip is the colour of the head band while the deep blue  is the wall above. The tile marked 5 is the floor and shower tile,  4 is the boarder for the shower and 6 is the counter top.

 Another project we did with a pretend client was for a living room space, it was for a young couple that really liked the contemporary style. We didn't have to do as much for this project just a space plan, floor plan, fabric selection and furniture and accessories selection.

On the right hand side are my fabric samples (they aren't really true in this photo) and the left are paint samples.
18. Fabric for the sectional.
19. Fabric for the ottoman and single paneled window treatment.
20. Fabric for the two chairs and pillows
21. Fabric for pillows.
22. Paint for the trim.
23. Paint for the fireplace wall .
24. Paint for the ceiling
25. Paint for the walls

This is the selection of furniture, accessories, lighting and the fireplace wall material/style and box.

The next picture is of my floor plan. The client requested to have a sectional sofa because they entertained a lot.

They don't look like a lot of work when you look at the finished project but these took many many hours of searching, sourcing, drafting, rendering and GLUING!! ( I hate gluing!) But I am happy to have put all the effort into them it was totally worth it. I will be receiving my diploma in the mail soon and I am happy to say I graduated with distinctions!!


Kerry said...

Amanda - your work is beautiful! You do such a great job with your floor plans and elevations... I definitely need to work on practicing mine haha! :) Thanks so much for sharing these!

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thank you so much! I think you did a great job on your final project! I really liked your board layouts they look well put together and your material selection was very nice.