Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivation... Zero!!

On Friday I was pretty excited, I was hoping to complete the basement renovations but NO!! I failed I could not motivate C enough to finish the job : (. We didn't finish the bathroom but if you remember the photo I showed you on Friday (here), it is of laminate flooring we bought on sale at The Home Depot for the basement floor. I was sick of how dirty and cold the floor was down there and I thought if we put laminate down it will warm it up and help it to look cleaner, which it did! (my little guy now says "wow new flooring, now I don't have to wear shoes and socks down there").

Here is a couple of before pictures if you want to see the rest view (here)
Before (with out so much clutter. Everything is moved so we could paint)

Before Flooring After Painting




We aren't totally done yet we still need to add trim, take out the rest of the carpet on the stairs and almost everything down here we are getting rid of (like I said the basement is for junk and unwanted stuff). If you look back up to the first two photos you can see turtles in a dirty @$$ tank...Well look in photo 3.. See that? Its an empty tank!! C FINALLY decided to get rid of them (I have been waiting for this day!) we have had them for 5 years and it is a pain (not for me so much more him) to clean the tank. Anyway now I have two tanks for sale anyone interested??

Awhile back I had mentioned that there was a guy interested in buying a house in our complex (read about it here) Well he came to view it and we haven't heard anything from him unfortunately. Because of this C and I have really got the moving bug and this is why we are doing some fixing up to the house. I would love to have it up for sale by the end of July but we will see (how well I can motivate C).
I will show you all the before and after pictures as we do everything!


Kerry said...

The laminate really does make a huge difference Amanda! That's what we put into our basement as well when we were renovating last year, and we love it!

Was so great meeting you this weekend! :)

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thanks! I think we will probably go down there more now.
It was great to meet you too!

FlooringGal said...

I agree with Kerry. I think that putting in the laminate flooring is a big improvement. Losing the dirty turtle tank helps too :-)


Amanda Cromwell said...
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Amanda Cromwell said...

FlooringGal- Thank you! I am very pleased with the results! Now just to get rid of the turtle tank all together. :)