Monday, June 20, 2011


 I know it has been two weeks since mine and the little guys birthday party but I finally got the pictures from my sis to share with you.

Super hero birthday shirt

Fruit Punch
 I made this fruit punch, it was my first time making one and I must say it was pretty good!! (especially with some Jamaican rum I brought back from Jamaica with me) I got the recipe on-line I just picked the easiest one, I also altered it a bit. Do you have any great fruit punch recipes?

1 can of frozen orange juice
1 can of frozen lemonade
1 bottle of ginger ale
1 bottle of cream soda
1 can of pineapple juice
and fresh or frozen fruit

Cupcakes Britt and I made. We found florescent food colouring so the colours turned out great! Very vibrant!

My cake made by my mother-in-law.

Happy Birthday my little man!!

The jumpy thing Nana and Papa bought him for his birthday.



Kerry said...

hahaha how cute is he all dressed up like Spiderman!? He must've had such a great time! :) Hope you did too!

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thanks! we both had a great time!

Design Elements said...

adorable! i have a llittle superman at home too :-)