Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out with the old in with the new!!

On Friday I had a little shopping splurge ( it hurt a little but it was worth it!). I went to Future Shop and I bought a new camera! I have been waiting for awhile now to buy one and haven't actually done it, I just dreamed about having a new one. I didn't buy a fancy DSLR camera, just a little to much money for my liking right now (someday I will have one) but I did get a Canon Power Shot SX130IS and so far I am loving it!!

So out with the old!!

Good Bye!!!
 And in with the new!!

I love taking pictures, I wish I could go to school to learn photography. I had a photography class the first year of the Interior Decorating program but only for one semester and we learned everything so fast I didn't really understand it. I try to use the manual setting, usually I can figure it out but sometimes I just have to switch to auto. After I bought this camera I researched how to use the settings on Pioneer Woman Photography and it really helped me to understand how the camera works, and for now I am starting out with using the AV and TV setting then I will move to full manual.

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