Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Do, To Do, To Do!!

I decided that I would share with you my list of renovations to my house that I have to complete before we put the house up for sale. It will probably also help me to keep track and move along with what needs to be done. Since I have a lot to do I thought I would break it up a little, so today I will share the list for the already started projects and then on another day I will share the things that need to be started still.
Powder Room

  • Grout floor
  • Install the sink
  • Install towel bar
  • Buy and hang mirror
  • buy and install baseboards
  • Add accessories 
  • Empty out useless stuff
  • Put floor transition piece in
  • Buy and install baseboards
  • Move some furniture from upstairs down there
Yesterday I started a new project as well, now I know what your probably thinking why don't you finish the ones that are already started. Well I need help from C to do a lot of the things in the basement so they will have to wait until he is ready to do them or until Britt wants to help me? (wink wink nudge nudge) 
Anyway the next project that I started today is tackling the kitchen/eating area. Here is a photo of what it looks like...This is from when we bought the house almost 3 years ago, so there has been a few changes which you will see as I update you.


Eating Area
Pretty ugly... But I plan to give it a little face lift while trying not to spend a lot of money. Since I have lived here the cabinets have warn a lot they are warped and don't close together and the paint is chipping and peeling everywhere from it being painted so many times. The floor is just awful, it is stained and dirty, from the moment I walked in to this house I knew it had to go. O and don't you just love my almond coloured fridge and stove! they gotta go!! Yesterday I started working on this space I pulled out all the baseboards and today I went out and bought some new flooring (you will have to wait till it is laid this weekend to see it....I could be dreaming when I say this weekend but fingers crossed). Anyway I also have talked with my grandfather and he is going to cut me some new cabinet doors, so here is my list for the kitchen.

  • Install new flooring
  • Buy and install baseboards
  • Sand cabinets 
  • Paint cabinets and new doors
  • Install new doors with new hinges and knobs
  • Buy white appliances off Kijiji 
I believe that is all to my lists for these rooms, I could be forgetting something so if I remember I will add it to the list. Next time I will share with you my bathroom and bedroom and possibly the living room. Well wish me luck!! 

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Erica said...

Wow! I love it! So neat and fab!

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