Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toronto Zoo

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend!!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to head to the Toronto Zoo. It was J's first time going and he was very excited (so was I, especially since I got to test out my new camera). C, J, myself, Britt and her friend piled into the car at 8:15 and arrived at the zoo at 9:30. It was a great time to go just before it got hot out ....So I thought, it was only cool for about the first hour and by 10:30 it was a hot one!
Here are some pictures I took with my new camera...

This is all J could talk about the whole time we were there, about how he wanted to go back
and ride on the carousal. 

Have you ever been to the Toronto Zoo? Did you enjoy it? or do you have any plans on visiting it this summer?


Shannon said...

We are putting off the zoo for a couple more years...its just TOO HOT

Looks like you had a great time!

Amanda Cromwell said...

Shannon- It is really hot out I couldn't imagin going this week. It wasn't this hot when we went, a lot of the animals were sleeping because of the heat. I think a really good time to go would be in the early fall maybe in September.

But we all had a great time anyway!