Monday, July 4, 2011

Value Village Find

Early last week my two sisters Britt and Nikki and I took a trip to Value Village to see if we could find anything useful. I went looking for some specific items for the powder room, unfortunately I only found one item and that was a $3 towel bar (which is a good bargain!). But I did come across these night tables, I have been looking for a pair for awhile now and these were the right price of $7 a piece! They are a little ugly but I think they have the potential to look fabulous!

What do you think? I have some ideas in mind I just have to get to work on them!


Kerry said...

I think with a coat of some bright paint these could look really fabulous! They definitely have some potential. Be sure to share what you end up doing with them! :)

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- I will defiantly be sharing the end result! although it may take a little time...I'm not really looking forward to sanding these.

Rambling Renovators said...

$7 is a steal! I think those would look great if you brought out some of the detalling. I can picture this maybe in a navy with white edging, and some cool ring pulls on the X parts. Whatever you do, I'm sure they'll look great!

Nice meeting you at the blogger meetup, by the way!


Amanda Cromwell said...

Rambling Renovators- Thanks for the suggestions!! love the idea of bring out the detail.
It was nice meeting you as well!