Monday, August 1, 2011


Sorry this is a long post, if you don't feel like reading just pass by.

I am extremely frustrated and annoyed with people especially my condo corporation management company. Back in May (the week before we left for our honeymoon) we had water leaking into Jax's room. There wasn't very much damage inside just some yellow spots on the ceiling and we were concerned about mould in the attic. So I contacted the condo corp. management and they came to look at it. They tried to blame the damage on the windows (because we have to pay for the windows not them) clearly they were trying to get out of the responsibility because the damage was on the ceiling NOT even near the windows! So they said they would have a roofer come out and give them a quote. Then they would have to submit it for approval and when we get back from the honeymoon they would do the same thing on the inside. Time had passed and I hadn't heard anything from the management company so I called to see if they fixed the outside of the roof and they told me they did and that they would get the roofer in to fix the inside. Two weeks later they came with the roofer and they looked in Jax's room, now this is what I found strange 1. the guy glanced at the water spots on the ceiling 2. he pushed on the wall below the window only and said it was "soft"... He didn't even go in the attic to look at the damage up there and to look for mould! The property management woman had the nerve to turn to me (after I said something about mould in the attic) and say "I don't smell any mould and usually if there is any you can smell it". ( OK what the F@#@ is that, right?) for one you can't smell mould and two I was cooking dinner at the time. Anyway they told me they would take a look in the attic when they come to fix the ceiling and "deal" with it then.  The whole time the roofer was there he barley said a word well he was in the room until him and the management company woman walked out the door then I could here them talking about it (way to keep me out of it!!! its my F@#@ing house!!) sketchy if you ask me.

So my real problem now... Last Friday we had our first heavy rainfall in along time...Yup, I bet you can guess what happened! that's right the roof leaked again...This time it was even worse it ruined the floor, the ceiling and the walls! I will let the pictures explain.

 The water ran down the walls and puddled on the floor, Chris pocked his finger through the drywall with a couple of pokes it is so soggy (ummm...pretty sure that's NOT suppose to happen!). So I called them again and now they have to come and look at it again and probably get approvals and all I have to say is they better be fixing ALL of the damage caused by the water!  Until then I am going to move Jax out of that room and into the office I do not feel safe having him in there! he has asthma and if there is mould its not helping also the ceiling is so soft I'm scarred it might fall down on him

This is probably going to be a fight and a long process to get them moving! They really don't seem to care and are trying to get out of it. I can tell you now Jax's room is going to need to be torn apart it will need new drywall and the ceiling and attic will probably need to be replaced as well. If I have to wait for them to do this it will probably take months!! Soooo Frustrating!
So in other word sadly we will not be getting our house up for sale any time soon.

Thanks for listening to me!! If you have any advice or suggestions it would be much appreciated.


Lavender said...

Nothing gets things moving like a written letter documenting dates and timelines of events, complaints and attempts to have the condo management company respond. Copy this letter to the condo board of directors, your city's board of health (black mould is highly toxic and the board of health can inforce that something is done about it)and to the attention of your lawyer or legal aid service.

If you need more help, Call the government office which deals with Condo directorships, etc.

Don't get angry, get organized and follow through with as much pressure on the management company as possible. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. If you have the money to have an independent home inspector come in or get the city department who monitors such issues, you could build an iron-clad arguement to get them moving pronto. Keep a log of all calls and converstions in date order.

Good Luck!


Lavender said...

P.S. Ask your Condo Management to contact their insurance company and come and access the damage to the ceilings, walls and flooring, including the safe, certified removal of all mould. Make a list of your personal belongings that may also have been damaged.


Amanda Cromwell said...

Bianca- Thanks for the great advice! I will definatly be taking these steps to get them moving. I have started the list of dates and timelines of the events. It's good to know that I can call the city's board of health I wouldn't have thought of that.