Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Happy Friday to everyone!! My Friday, not so good.....

 I have a small rant about the condo corporation again. I called them yesterday to see about the approvals for the interior and I was told they want someone else to come in and get ANOTHER quote because the first one was too much money....What does that mean?? More waiting. Also I asked what they are going to do about my parquet flooring and they told me they are going to get a  carpet company to come in and put carpet over my hardwood floors, that I just refinished 3 years ago!!!! Are you F**%$!! kidding me!!! I don't think so. They told me it's too much money to fix the hardwood so this is a better option. HA!

That's my little rant I am trying to stay calm and I am going to deal with this, there will probably be more updates to come. But for now HAPPY THOUGHTS!!

Source: Family photo

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