Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Weekend Dash!!

This past weekend was busy, busy and I have pictures to prove it!! 

Let’s start off with Friday night. I started off the night by emptying everything out of my cabinets in the kitchen, and then I ended up fighting with the cabinet doors to try and remove them. I think that half or even more then half of the hinge screws holding the door to the cabinet were stripped. NOT FUN! I am very sore. Finally after removing the doors I sanded and cleaned the shelves.


Before: Messy, I know.

Saturday, it was an early morning for me and I had recruited Britt to help with this project (she was late of course but, she did bring me Tim Hortons so she was forgiven). Most of Saturday consisted of painting the kitchen cabinets and my bedroom oops wall. 

After: Cabinets Painted...still a mess.


Kitchen List
  • Install new flooring
  • Buy and install baseboards
  • Sand cabinets
  • Paint cabinets and new doors
  • Install new doors with new hinges and knobs
  • Buy fridge and stove off of Kijiji ( got a stove just waiting to get it)
Master Room
  • Prime over glossy oops wall and re-paint in a non-glossy colour
  • touch up trim with paint
  • de-clutter
  • Finish painting other night table and paint dresser
  • Find new window treatment
The rest of Saturday was spent grocery shopping for my mom's 50th birthday party and cleaning my house.

Sunday, it was hectic at first preparing all the food and decorating for the big surprise 50th bash. It slowed down and I finally got to relax for a little while once the party started (and pig out on all the food).

Waiting for mom

Punch: Made at Jax's birthday party

You can check out more about the birthday bash on Britt's post. (here)(here) and (here)

After the birthday party we headed home and then I spent the last few hours before bed organizing and putting back all the dishes into the cupboards. I still have to paint and install the new cabinet doors, my Papa generously made for me. Once I am done that I will show you a final reveal of the finished kitchen.

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Kerry said...

What a busy weekend you had lady! At least you got a lot accomplished! :) Can't wait to see the kitchen!