Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Progress in J's Room

You maybe wondering what has been going on with the repairs to the water damage in J's room (here, here & here)....While let me start by saying we are making progress and I am really hoping it will be complete by the end of next week.

About 3 weeks ago the painting company came to the house and started working...when they tore out the drywall, what did they find.....(what I was telling the condo the whole time) mould and not just mould but all the studs in the wall and the main structural stud were rotted. This also means that this problem has been going on unknown for quite some time.

What did this mean for us....Things came to a screeching stop once again, the room was sealed off and we had to have a company come in who was more qualified to deal with the structure of the house. They had to make a quote and then we had to wait, once again for more approvals. 

This time it went a lot faster, the board members from the condo corp. came to our house to look at it so they would approve the quote as soon as they got it. 

Here are some pictures of the damage.

It is hard to see with the plastic over it but, if you look at the stud under the
window it is discoloured and the other three studs are new

Here you can see all the black rot and mould in between the studs it pretty much looked like
this all the way down the wall.

The sealed room...

And here is my office, out of use because everything in J's room had to be taken out. Good thing I have a laptop or I wouldn't get any blogging done.

This is the wall after it was sprayed and the studs were replaced and supported.

This is what the room looks like right now.

As you can see there in the corner my stripes have been ruined! I really hope they will fix them...But I kinda doubt they will, I just hope they don't paint over them.

So as you can see progress is being made, but extremely slow progress.

Quick update about selling the house, we have decided to put it off until the spring. It was a lot of stress for me to deal with trying to get it ready and wondering when and if the condo corp. was going to fix J's room. 

The real estate agent also gave us a market evaluation and suggested listing the house a little lower then we were hoping, which would leave us a couple thousand short to pay for everything involved. So we will be saving and try again in the spring. 

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