Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am Still Here!

Sorry I have not posted anything for awhile, I am still here. The past two weeks have been CRAZY busy, I have had no time for anything but work and taking care of my little guy.

I have spent every single free hour I have had (pretty much anytime I wasn't at work) working on 3D renderings for a client.

About two weeks ago Britt came to me and told me she had a client she was designing advertisement booklets for and he was looking for some 3D renderings to put in them. The client is building an apartment building for student housing and wanted some renderings of what the apartments would look like so the students could visualize the space.

This is the finalized renderings of the 5 bedroom apartment.

Living room
This is the kitchen and bathroom from the 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

So this is the reason why I haven't been able to post something for you.

In other news my little guy's room is complete! I finished it yesterday and he is now sleeping in his bed again...Hooray!!

 I have some pictures to show you of the finished room....I WILL be back again soon to reveal them!


design BLISS inc said...

This is amazing! I found your blog through Brit's and am in an Interior Decorating program at the moment. I'm assuming this is Google Sketch up? Do you find that the program gets really slow once a drawing is really large? Also, do you use an add-on rendering program or just grab the images right from Sketchup?

Kerry said...

Great work Amanda!!! :)

Amanda Cromwell said...

design BLISS inc- Thank you!

Are you enjoying the Interior Decorating program? Where are you taking it?

Yes, I did the renderings in Google Sketch up. The program gets really slow the bigger the file gets, it's really frustrating. I have not worked with it to much, just this job and when I learned it in school...But besides running slow, I enjoy it. I want to explore it a little more so I can learn all the different things you can do in it, I only learned the basics in school.

Are you learning it in school?

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thank You!