Monday, November 7, 2011

The Little Guys Bedroom

J's room is not totally finished yet, just a few more small things need to be completed. The mould and rotting studs have been all fixed, new drywall has been installed and painted, the flooring has been refinished and the ceiling has been fixed (see other posts here, here and here).....

 What's left you ask?

Well I am waiting for them to come and put new baseboards on and  trim around the windows, yes this is what is holding me back. J won't sleep in his room without window coverings and I can't hang them up till the trim is on the window because the blinds get attached to the trim.....So yes, I am waiting for this small little thing to be complete to move Jax back in.

I forgot to mention to you that the painter wouldn't fix my stripes, so I told him NOT to paint over them and to just leave them the way they are........So I had to fix them myself.


 It didn't take that long to fix them, its just that I didn't have the time to do it so it was a little inconvenient but, in the end I am glad I fixed it because now I know it is done right. Thankfully the paint blended wonderfully, you couldn't even see where I touched up. I used Benjamin Moore, Natura, it is definitely a good paint.

You can also see a little sneak peek of the flooring refinished in the pictures above. I will reveal the whole room when I have all of J's stuff moved back in and put away.

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