Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets

Yet another project I have started and not completed!

It has taken sometime to complete the new kitchen doors, first my Papa helped me out with cutting some, but unfortunately I ran into some problems with them..... So my dad helped me out with cutting some new ones, this is the main reason why it has taken so long, trying to get my dad to squeeze me into his busy schedule. ( the doors my papa cut will not go to waist though, I am thinking headboard!)

The kitchen is not complete yet (first post here) but, I am hoping to get a lot of work done over the next week.

A couple of Sunday's ago, I spent the day out at my dads helping him finish up the cabinet doors. I think He has more saws then he needs.....And he just makes reasons to use each one of them.

Saw 1
Cutting the pieces of wood down.
Saw 2
Cutting the doors to size.
Saw 3
This saw is for rounding the edges of the doors.
Yes, he has many, many saws and not just these three.....but I guess three was enough to finish the job!
Now I have nice new looking cabinet I have to...Sand....Prime...Paint...& install.

Drill press to cut the holes for the hinges.
My brand new doors.....not quite done yet!

Hopefully I will have a big reveal of the kitchen before Christmas.

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