Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Spirit

This past weekend was full of everything Christmas, from Christmas shopping, decorating and baking, I got lost accomplished ( I only have two people left on my shopping list).

On Saturday we spent the day cleaning and organizing our "storage/laundry room", pulling out all the Christmas decor and setting up the tree.

My little guy was bugging me all day "when are we decorating the Christmas tree". This year  he understands everything a little more so it is very exciting for him (and me), just seeing his reaction and how excited he gets learning and getting to know family traditions.

A Christmas tradition, my sisters and I use to fight over who gets to put the star on the
tree. My dad had to write down every year who put it on so the next year someone else did it
(which means I only got to put it on every 3 years).

We have a fake tree that we set up, but next year I would really like to go out and get a real tree. One of the traditions my dad use to do with my sisters and I, we would go out and pick a tree and cut it down, we looked forward to doing it every year. I think it is all those little tiny traditions that really make you remember your childhood and the fun times you had with family. I would love to create the same great memories I had with my sisters when we were little for J to enjoy and remember.

P.S. My tree has been red and gold for the past 4 years....It is really time for a change, I think next year I will switch up the colour combination (a little expensive to do it this year).

Do you have a fake or real tree? What colour combination do you have? What is your favourite family Christmas tradition?

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