Sunday, January 29, 2012

Capstone Pt. 3

OK so today I am finally going to show you the final parts of my capstone project (I know, I know your thinking its about time!).

Anyway... I left off with floor plans and some of my 3D renderings done in Google Sketch-up (here & here).

Now I am going to show you my material, finishes, furniture selections, hand renderings and presentation boards. The materials board had to cover all the surfaces in the house. I was required to only do one 3D rendering but I have two to show you. We also had to source out furnishings for 5 rooms... The kitchen/dinning room, living room, master bedroom and a three piece bathroom.

By the way this is a long post...Just thought I would give you a heads up!

Hand Rendering of floor plan

Materials and Finishes board- Interior

You can't see the labels on the materials so I numbered them for you so you can see where they belong.

  1. Flooring in mudroom, foyer and powder room
  2. Stone on Fireplace in living room/dinning room
  3. Baseboards
  4. Trim
  5. Countertop in ensuite 2 and main bath 
  6. Flooring in ensuite 2 and main bath
  7. Shower tile in ensuite 2 and main bath
  8. Hardwood flooring throughout house
  9. Paint throughout house
  10. Countertop in kitchen-  Perimeter
  11. Backsplash in kitchen
  12. Cabinets in the kitchen- Perimeter/ this is also the colour of all the mill-work in the house 
  13. Flooring and shower floor in ensuite one and tile around fireplace in master bedroom
  14. Wall tile in shower and backsplash around bathtub in ensuite one

Hand Rendering of Kitchen- Unfortunately I didn't get my hand rendering of the dining room back from the teacher so maybe someday when I have some time I will have to render it again.

Furniture selection for Kitchen/Dining room- The numbers on these selection boards correspond with the source of the item and all of the information about it. I was going to link it to this (just in case anyone wanted to know where to get something) but, I can't seem to find my source pages anymore.
They might be on my laptop which isn't working at the moment, so hopefully when its working again I can take a look to see if they are on it.

Hand Rendering for Living Room

Furniture Selection for Living room

Fabrics for Kitchen/Dining Room and Living room

Sorry the fabric and colours don't look
 very good in these pictures
  1. Layered window treatment in dining room
  2. Layered sheer window treatment in dining room
  3. Dining room chairs, living room chair fabric and throw pillows
  4. Ottoman fabric and throw pillows in living room
  5. Sofa Fabric in living room and bar chair fabric in kitchen
That is it for my hand rendering....So here is a closeup of the master ensuite and master bedroom floor plans and there furniture selection.

Floor Plan for Master Bedroom

Furniture Selection for the Master Bedroom

Fabrics for Master Bedroom

Sorry about the bad picture again.

  1. Layered sheer window treatment in bedroom
  2. Layered window treatment in bedroom
  3. Chaise lounger fabric
  4. Chair fabric and throw pillows
  5. Bench fabric and throw pillows
  6. Duvet blanket fabric on bed.

Floor Plan for Master Ensuite 

Furniture Selection for Master Ensuite 

Colour Scheme for the House- Benjamin Moore colours

Some of these colours look really pink and they are not...except Muskoka dusk
*The P# corresponds to the wall finish chart below.
  1. Nimbus Gray- 2131.50- P9/ Master bedroom/Mudroom
  2. Star Dust- 2108-40- P4/ Media room
  3. Silver Gray- 2131-50- P10/ Bedroom 3 (boys room)
  4. Abalone- 2108-60- P3/ Garage/ Office
  5. Silver Fox- 2108-50- P1/ Living room/kitchen/dining room/hallways
  6. Oxford White- CC-30- Trim/baseboards
  7. Misted Green- 2138-50- P6/ Ensuite 2 and main bath
  8. Lacey Pearl- 2018-70- P2/ Pantry and Master Ensuite
  9. Silver Merlin- 2139-50- P5/ Guest Bedroom/ Back wall in kitchen/dining room
  10. Muskoka Dusk- CC-6- P8/ Bedroom 2 (girls room)
  11. Camelot-CC-4- P7/ Bedroom 2 (girls room)
S1- Stone Selex- Snow white- Fireplace in living room
T1- The Home Depot- Micro Stone Blend tile- Ensuite 2 and main bath
T2- The Home Depot- Blue Grass Tile- Master ensuite

And there you have it the interior part of my capstone!

There is still an exterior part to the project but I think this post is long enough so I will show you the exterior another day (I won't wait a year to do it either). 

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