Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

I had a great Christmas this year, it was nice to spend time with family. J had a blast seeing everyone and playing with his new superhero toys, he really enjoyed Christmas this year and it was exciting to see his reactions to everything.

Here he is sitting in-front of the Christmas tree in the morning waiting to see what Santa brought him.

This is a few things Santa brought him.....He loves superheroes!

I myself got a few great gifts from hubby...diamond earrings and an elliptical. I also got a gift card for Chapters and I bought a book called "Illustrated History of Furniture" by Fredrick Litchfield and I am considering buying "Furniture World Styles from Classic to Contemporary" by Judith Miller. I love history and learning about the history of furniture, I had a class on it in school and it was defiantly one of my favourites.

But now that Christmas and New Years is over it is time to get back to getting things done! That is all those little projects I started last year that are still waiting to be complete. The biggest one on the list is the kitchen cabinet doors....They will be done soon! ( I am actually getting really tired of looking at everything in my cupboards).

Did you have a great holiday? Do you have some old projects to finish up from last year still or are you starting fresh?


Kerry said...

Our Christmas and New Years were both great, and as sad as I was to take the decor down, I'm very excited to have the house back to its normal state and to start crossing items off of our 2012 list (which I JUST posted)

Good luck with your list!! :)

Amanda Cromwell said...

Kerry- Thank you!

It must have been an exciting Christmas this year for you since it was Halle's first one. I still remember Jax's fist Christmas.

I will stop by and check out what you have planned for 2012!