Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Staining

Sorry I didn't post the projects I have been working on the other day like I said I would. I forgot some of my stuff at work and I couldn't take pictures of it to show you.

This is what I have been up too.....Staining some odds and ends around my house that were in-need of a face lift.

First is J's stool that he uses in that bathroom (it also turns into a chair). It's a pretty cute little stool and it has been in the family for awhile, my brother used it when he was little.

This is a little serving tray that I picked up for a whole $1.49 at Value Village on my last visit. It has just been sitting in my room holding random stuff so I thought it could use a face lift. Now I can use it in the kitchen for serving food when I have company over.

After. Sorry the picture isn't that good.
The last thing I stained was my mail holder...

Before: Sorry I forgot to take a before picture so this is the back were I hadn't
 stained yet...You get the idea of what colour it was, I didn't really like it that much.

I used the left over stain Britt had from staining her dresser. This stain is nice because all you have to do is give the piece a light sanding then put on as many coats as you like (I did 3 coats). The more coats you put on the glossier it gets because it is a three in one product that seals, stains and varnishes.

These projects cost me $0....I like projects like that!