Friday, February 3, 2012

Growing so Big!

It has now been  almost 4 weeks since we got Dakota! Time sure flies....She is growing so fast and learning so much.

9 weeks
10 weeks

11 weeks

She is 12 weeks now going on 13.

J and her are getting along with each other great, J likes that he has someone to play with and Dakota thinks he is another puppy so it works out nicely. We are still working on her jumping and biting when she is playing with him but she has got a lot better and he has got better at controlling her.

Puppy school has been great for all of us because we are learning the proper way to teach her and she gets to socialize with other dogs, the last thing I want is for her to try and attack other dogs as they walk by. So far she can sit, lay down, wait (for like a few seconds), she just started shake -a-paw and we are still working on come.

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